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The TSW Workbook provides various practice sets enabling students to understand, learn and apply reading strategies $12 ea

Think Spell Write

A Reading Program

Ellen M. Murray, M.Ed.
Think Spell Write

"I love teaching reading!  I especially love teaching reading to students who feel they will never learn to read.  I love that ‘aha’ moment when reading clicks for a student.  I love when students are speechless or red-faced, or their face lights up as they realize “I can read this!” - author Ellen  M. Murray M.Ed.

Think Spell Write is a reading program for students who are still struggling to read and write fluently despite having had reading instruction.  This could be special education students, students whose education has been disrupted by trauma or interrupted due to frequent moves, or students who have not yet learned phonetic rules well enough to effectively apply them to read. 

Think Spell Write

  • Can be used with upper elementary, middle and high school students, adults, and English Language learners. 

  • Is a user friendly program designed for educators and other professionals who wish to teach struggling readers. 

  • Is based on extensive, effective and successful implementation of the program with struggling readers of various ages. 

Think  Spell  Write

A Reading Program

TSW Instruction Guide

Ellen M. Murray M.Ed.

Think Spell Write offers the TSW Instruction Guide. This manual provides instructions for implementing the program and offers suggestions for varying instruction to better meet the specific learning needs of your students.  An answer key is provided along with extra activities for specialized practice.  Additionally, skill building lists, supplementary drills, and sentence practices from the TSW Tool Book are also included in the TSW Instruction Guide.


Think Spell Write

Think Spell Write consists of two student books that are interconnected and designed to be implemented together:

Think  Spell  Write

A Reading Program

TSW Tool Book

Ellen M. Murray M.Ed.

The TSW Tool Book is a student reference book. It covers ten decoding rules written so students can easily comprehend, learn, and apply these essential reading strategies. Also included are skill building lists, supplementary drills, and sentence practices. This eliminates the need for the instructor to make copies.

Think  Spell  Write

A Reading Program

TSW Work Book

Ellen M. Murray M.Ed.

The TSW Workbook provides various practice sets which enable students to understand, learn and accurately apply the ten decoding rules.  Chapters clearly and directly align with the TSW Tool Book. The various vowel sounds and their patterns are included in later chapters.



   Think Spell Write 

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The TSW Tool Book is a student reference book, including skill building lists, supplementary drills and sentence practices $8 ea.

The TSW Instruction Guide provides instructions and suggestions for implementing the program. Includes answer key $15 ea.

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Ms. Murray is a Michigan native and a graduate of Grand Valley State University where she earned both a BA and MA.  She is certified to teach general education for grades K – 8, and special education for grades K – 12 for the Emotionally Impaired, Mentally Impaired, and Learning Disabled.  Ms. Murray taught for 32 years in a small northern Michigan town at Central Lake Public Schools.  Initially, she was hired to teach in the newly formed grades 7 – 12 resource room.  After ten years in that position, she then taught in the elementary resource room for five years where she continued to refine her skills in teaching reading.  Eventually, the special education program at the school began to use an inclusion model, resulting in her teaching third through eighth grades over her remaining tenure there.  Throughout her lengthy career she taught various subjects at many grade levels while never giving up her dedication to struggling students and her deep passion for teaching reading.  Eventually, she became the reading teacher for any middle or high school student who was still experiencing difficulty with reading.  After retiring in 2007, she relocated to the Grand Rapids, Michigan area and remained working in the field of education.  For eight years she was an educational therapist at EnCourage Institute for Teaching and Learning: an Educational, Developmental and Behavioral Therapy center.  Ms. Murray is currently working in special education for Grand Valley State University as a University Field Coordinator for the College of Education.

                 “If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.”                                       Ignacio ‘Nacho’ Estrada


                 “Every kid is one caring adult away from being a success story.” 

                              Josh Shipp 

author   Ellen M. Murray, M.Ed.


Ms. Murray will be introducing Think Spell Write: a reading program August 16, 2018 at the beautiful Howard Christensen Nature Center's Camp Lily's Retreat Center. You're invited to join us for this informative introduction by the author of this exceptional program.

EM EdSpec News

Aug 16, 2018, 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM
HCNC Camp Lily's Retreat Center,
530 20 Mile Rd, Kent City, MI 49330, USA
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